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I know that good communication is often most difficult at the time it's most needed. My focus is to help you to have the discussions you need, with the information you need, in a safe and respectful environment. This balance and structure maximises your chances of reaching an agreement.

Your mediator: About Me

In over 15 years of mediating with separating couples, parents and others, I've supported people to:

  • Re-establish ongoing relationships with children they had not been seeing

  • Agree children arrangements when one parent wanted to move away

  • Break deadlock after listening to their children’s views

  • Save thousands of pounds by making informed decisions on pensions

  • Find ways to retain a home for the benefit of their children, without either parent ‘losing out’

  • Separate in a civilised way, even where only one person was driving the separation

With a background in law and teaching, I can explain unfamiliar concepts effectively, present complex information clearly and bring the accuracy and attention to detail that your documents need.

  • Degree in law: BA Jurisprudence (Oxon)

  • Accredited by the Family Mediation Council (FMCA)

  • Member of the College of Mediators

  • Able to sign court forms (C100 / Form A)

  • Qualified to offer Child Inclusive Mediation

  • Qualified to deliver the Separated Parents Information Program

  • Qualified to offer Professional Practice Consultancy to other mediators

  • Experienced and knowledgeable at supporting new mediators through accreditation

  • Certificate in Education 

  • Experienced trainer - of individuals, volunteers and professionals - delivering training on behalf of National Family Mediation (NFM), Oxfordshire Family Mediation (OFM) and other organisations

Your mediator: News and Tips

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PRIVACY STATEMENT: this gives details of how I will handle any information you share with me.

Your mediator: About
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